SmRent is an ERP system developed to obtain all renting process. System was developed by our team and covers the following areas:

  1. Warehouse Management
  2. Partners - clients and suppliers
  3. Transactions with customers - sales and rentals
  4. Invoicing
  5. Equipment
  6. Depreciation - Accounting and Tax Register
  7. Access Levels
  8. Communication with other softwares
Information is available in real time.
System is High technology and Flexible with a convenient and understandable interface. User access is through the web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and others. Security is the necessary high level. For security reason end-user access to server (server) pass via VPN (virtual private network).
For database use Oracle Database 10g or later version.
For Application is used Oracle APEX 3.1 or later version.

All transactions are stored in the system with information, each action is registered by user and time.
All reports are exportable to Excel, PDF, CSV, TXT, XML etc. Menues could be changed quickly and easily.
The system is flexible and could be set up according to the requested issues.
It is possible to keep log with changes for sensitive information. ERP system could be translated to other languages. Currently this product is available in English and Bulgarian versions.
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