Designing, developing and implementation of information systems for renting of construction equipment, especially created according to the customer requirements.
STROYRENT LTD is a Scandinavian investment company, established its subsidiary in Sofia. Main activity is renting and selling of construction equipment.

System includes the following modules:

Partners - Contracts, annex, in-out protocols, deposits, commitments, turnover, current equipment with clients, clientís history, type of customers etc. CRM module, black list, blocking of customers, reminder letters, unpaid invoices etc.

Master Data Management - Real and virtual (consist of real ones). Inventor numbers tracking and quantity tracking. Different price lists, depending of rental periods, sells, clearing etc.

Deals with customers Ė Renting, sales, extending of rental period including automatic generated of documents. Rendering, returning and changing of equipment with automatic generation of all needed documents. Automatic invoicing when equipment returned dirty or broken.

Warehouses - Consist of unlimited statuses: available in WH, articles with clients, transport, repairs etc. Real-time information of the equipment located. Writes out of assets could be set up, such as FIFO, average prices, average prices by warehouses, purchase price.

Order Management - Unlimited type of orders, defined by the customer: such as orders for purchase, orders for moving articles, wasted articles etc. Unlimited types of status, depending of the customerís request: created status; approved status; partial completed, closed status etc.

Invoicing - Depending of customerís type: for rent; returning, returning with delay, monthly invoices.

Depreciation - Register of depreciation.

Communication - Import of Bank payments. Export to SAP, Ajur etc.

* Oracle technology

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